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The Frizz
Our story is simple: take two formidable women, give them a fresh brewed cup of coffee after a Sunday Harley ride and watch the magic happen.

FRIZZ..was born out of such magic. Carmen and Cheryl – each formidable women, and successful business owners, decided it was time to combine their wealth of business knowledge, their dedication and passion for all things fierce and feminine.

Challenging themselves and the industry with a new and exciting online start-up, as savvy working woman, they know that success doesn’t come over night but with patience, trust, hard work and a little FRIZZ…
FRIZZ… is an online store showcasing professional brands of the highest quality – your one stop user friendly Hair Care shop.

Not only do we commit to a promise of healthy hair but also a healthy environment for all. We pride ourselves on our leading brands commitment to environmental change and eco-friendly practices.

FRIZZ… will be your Hair Care friend, with quick access to advice through our tip line, we will help you choose right every time! With product choices that are vegan, vegetarian and cruelty free.

Let FRIZZ… be your future.
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Cheryl has been in the business of making people feel good about themselves since 1985! With over 40 plus years in the industry and 3 successful businesses, she has many accolades to show for her years of success.

However, Cheryl will tell you that accolades are not what makes clients happy – “Our clients are here for the honesty and passion dedicated to each and every one who enters the doors of my salon – the trust they have placed in me, and my team are what we hold sacrosanct. Trust is the measurement of my success and creating an environment that prides itself on this is of the utmost importance.”

Honesty, Trust and Passion are what FRIZZ…has been forged with and it is with this dedication to her clients that Cheryl has crafted her professional identity and through their loyalty that she strives to maintain it.
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Carmen’s business roots were in the corporate space and in 2008 she began her own journey in a completely male dominated field – buying and selling shipping containers.

Over the next 10 years Carmen’s small side business became her lucrative strong arm and in 2018 she decided to sell her business for a new adventure. Carmen began another business in the same ‘man’s world’ with much savvier industry knowledge. Once getting her new business off the ground and in a lucrative position, Carmen decided to trade in her (pink) steel-cap-boots for a little FRIZZ.

In 2021 she ventured into the more formidably female dominated world of Hair Care alongside her sister Cheryl. Together they have decided to share their knowledge and passion to create something fiercely female and accessible for all online!
  • Salon Professional
    All our products are salon professional, we have partnered with only the best and will soon be bringing in more international brands currently unavailable locally. These brands will focus on our earth first commitment.
  • Top advice
    We are a salon first by nature,and are fully versed in providing the best advice on product requirements. If you have a question about the best product for your hair, ask us now and we will advise on what would work best for you.
  • Frizz Rewards
    We are so proud to launch Frizz rewards, where you will receive frizz cash rewards with every purchase. You will be able to apply your hard earned rewards balance to any purchase. Let Frizz help you save save today 🙂
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